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OUTDATED - the functions may not work and you may get banned. Wait for the update.

EzKills - Aimbot, TriggerBot, GlowESP, NoFlash

EzKills - Aimbot, TriggerBot, GlowESP, NoFlash

  • Version: 20/06/2020
  • Developer: onerisss
A simple CSGO cheat that you can download from our website. This cheat contains in its functionality the simplest functions with which you can imperceptibly dominate the game servers. The cheat is perfect for raising the rank in competitive mode, because the probability of getting a ban for this hack is very low, and the functionality here includes such functions as: Aimbot, TriggerBot, GlowESP, NoFlash, BunnyHop and KillMessage. No third-party programs are required to run, and everything is ready for a quick launch of the hack.

- Left ALT - hold ALT to lock onto an enemy.
- Space - hold SPACE to use BunnyHop.
- Left ALT - hold ALT to TriggerBot.
- F6 - toggle AimBot.
- SHIFT + F6 - toggle AimBot Mode.
- SHIFT + F7 - toggle AimBot Bone.
- F8 - toggle TriggerBot.
- SHIFT + F8 - toggle TriggerBot delays.
- SHIFT + F9 - toggle Glow.
- SHIFT + F10 - toggle NoFlash.
- SHIFT + F11 - toggle BunnyHop.
- SHIFT + F12 - toggle KillMessage.

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Unfortunately the author did not add a video to this hack

Disable your antiviruses and Windows Firewall, they might detect this as a false positive, since this is a program that interferes with csgo.exe
The hack will start loading once CS:GO is started.


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