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UNDETECTED - the cheat is safe and the probability that you will be banned is very low. We recommend using it.

Lobix Admin Menu (with magic unlocker)

Lobix Admin Menu (with magic unlocker)

  • Version: v0.2.1
  • Developer: iphonely
A good cheat on GTA V Lobix Admin Menu under the story mode. With this hack, you can restore the atmosphere of old GTA 5 game updates, for example, enable Christmas mode, add snow, unlock gifts, etc. But this is not all, there are also standard features such as: the vehicle function, the function to cheat money, the RP function, the night club function, the casino function, as well as magic functions and many other functions that you can test yourself after downloading this hack.

What is the Lobix Magic Unlocker ?
The concept is simple, imagine something that is locked for you in GTA Online, use the function, 2sec later this thing will be unlocked. It can be a X360/PS3 old radio t-shirts, the "Please Stop Me" mask, the "High Flyer" parachute bag, the Shotaro (and the outfits), the events outfits like Jock Cranley ones, the Halloween special things, all events face paints, the Independence Day Monster Truck, the Halloween Sanctus, all t-shirts (except the OG ones, I am working on their implementation), the Epsilon outfit without tipping a lot of dollars in the night club, etc..... it unlocks litteraly EVERYTHING !
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Start GTA 5, inject the DLL to GTA5.exe with any injector, and when you're in game open the menu with the F12 key.


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